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Tent canopy over the summer terrace cafe "Randevu" in Essentuki, Russia

Projected and built in 2009

The membrane structure is made by "KubanTENT" Ltd.

Architectural conception.

Stylistic decision related to the decision cafe awning roof over summer terrace restaurant "Arthur's", because both sites have the same owner. Cafe is located at the entrance to the city from Pyatigorsk and aims to raise awareness of the "main" area in the center of Essentuki - restaurant "Arthur's"

Planning decision.

The construction site is sandwiched in close spaces between the buildings cafes and a row of trees, whose roots in any case could not be broken. Site itself was old tiled with significant distortions and failures.

Constructive building also did not allow intervention for supporting structures summer canopy.

In connection with this, it was decided to make summer awning detached, with occasional light supports. Architectural design of the tent cafe and restaurant "Arthur's" had to be very helpful, allowing to solve all the complexities of supporting the deployment of elements of the system.

The proposed device is a wooden podium Larch allowed to avoid spending on alignment and pereukladku paving, and gives the site an atmosphere of comfort and isolation. What is important, given the close-city highways and neighborhood car wash.

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