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Competition of industrial design "Building a strong fleet of the country"

Nomination "Corvette near-sea area"
Nominations "High-speed landing craft"

Public response on the Internet:

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The explanatory note of the "Corvette near sea area."

Corvette "Pikiruyushiy" was developed to participate in the fighting with the landing craft, "Pika", designed in double-hulled design /Catamaran/. Before the start of the active phase of the landing, two boats "Pika" are a corvette single fighting unit, separating the vicinity of the coast.

General solution:

Corvette "Pikiruyushiy" is designed as a tri, because this type of vessel is not only high, but also has the greatest stability. Large, compared with the single-hull, the width of the ship makes it easier to build the weapons bays and personnel, as well as to increase the firepower of the ship as a fighting unit.

Add contours are the quintessence of speed and technology requirements «Stealth». The rapid appearance of Corvette creates a sense of a lightning strike, a feeling that is supported by on-board armament: 100mm gun, anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, anti-aircraft artillery. Armament container, making it easy to upgrade the Corvette, depending on the task. At the time of the transition all the guns are hidden under the skin.

The overwhelming majority of radar and navigational antennas located at the site of the pilot room, under one dome. Pilot house escaped the perimeter in the radio and infrared bands.

The aft trimaran has two docks for receiving high-speed landing craft "Pika". Seizure of boats is tough, with magnets and mechanical fixation. Communication between the corvette and boat - through hatches combine.

Constructive solutions:

Trimaran hull made from aluminum alloys. Paneling is made of laminated composite materials that absorb radio waves.

Engines - two gas turbines and two hybrid diesel-electric plant. Movers - water-jet, multi-stage system.



The explanatory note of the "Speed landing craft."

Landing craft "Pika" is designed to participate in the fighting with the corvette "Pikiruyushiy" as configured in multiple performance /trimaran/. Before the start of the active phase of the landing, two boats "Pika" are a corvette one combat unit, split directly off the coast. Technically accomplished by magnetic clutch grabs. Communication with the corvette through register through manholes.

General solution:

Corps landing craft designed as a catamaran, very fast and stable type of vessel. Pronounced nose emphasizes the main purpose of the boat - landing lightning non-floating production / T-90 / on unequipped coast. The maximum depth of the ford at noke ramp - 1,2 m Ramp consists of two segments, the upper can be folded up to the landing stage for the possibility of launching missiles from the main gun of the transported T-90 tank.

Sloping nose shape designed to meet the requirements of technology Stealth, and to improve the rebound ricocheted small caliber shells of the enemy. In the frontal armor provided by the windows - for maximum protection of the crew boat. Forage cutter has a form that allows the vessel comfortably reverse.

Running post located aft. Portholes located on the sides and rear, panoramic picture of the situation in front of the boat is output from the optical fiber device using a lens-focon. With duplicate cameras, located at the base of the antenna module, computer processed operational and tactical information is displayed on visor operator in the control room (also with night vision). Swivel chair crew, combined with the main controls for easy transition to move the boat astern.

For a safe landing of Marines are two hatches in the stern of the boat.

Constructive solutions:

Catamaran hull is made of aluminum alloy. Cladding is a composite armor coating that absorbs radio waves. The side pontoons out of the hold, are fuel tanks, batteries, tapes airborne weapons and engines with water jet. Engines - Diesel-electric hybrid setup.

The electric motor is used to approach the shore, as it is indispensable for the night airdropping infantry. Electrical energy is stored in batteries on board, which is charged from the outside / eg. on board the corvette "Pikiruyushiy" in finding a landing craft docked to it state.

All this together helps to maximize boat speed and allows you to use it in shallow water.


In the bow on the sides are hinged gunports, hiding sliding install multiple rocket launchers and heavy machine guns in the turret.

In the frontal armor just before the pilot room located port anti-aircraft, equipped with projector and a siren.

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