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Yacht Club on the water - floating dock

Competition project. 2010

The architectural concept of the competitive project.

Based on the conditions of competition, the author has formed the basic concept of the project - modularity, giving mobility both at sea and the use of the rivers.

"Buildings" yacht club was divided into three major functional blocks - administrative, maintenance and recreational. And while each of them, with a few reservations, can be used separately, the following deployment strategy of the club-on-water:

The first is binding perpendicular to the coast line of the Administrative block, the device wide spur jetty and then "temporary" installation of the T-shaped pier with precast service located at the far end zone bunkering water, garbage, and moored floating stations. The block carries the engineering space for autonomous operation of the Yacht Club (energy (diesel and battery), water supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning), as well as club and administrative offices.

Further expansion of services offered by Repair docking unit, which includes repair shops, stores and facilities staff. In this case, the previously mounted T-dock service is installed in its final position on the edge of the block Repair.

The final step is the Trans log and mooring third Recreational block with a restaurant and a hotel with 10 rooms. Similarly, the block is mounted modular T-shaped dock with the ability to access cars to the longest side. Each of the T-shaped piers can moor up to 25 vessels, as well as two large yachts up to 30 meters, so it allows you to put together 50 vessels, including 10 beds for guests of the club.

Providing full autonomy (power supply and waste management) is only possible with the Administrative block, however, if connectivity to public networks can be operated with any of the blocks away from the complex.

The first levels of blocks are allocated to social problems, the second - for auxiliary facilities. The third level of the blocks is a sun deck with sun deck and a possible arrangement of the outdoor cafe.

Units mounted on the roof of a solar panel system to increase energy independence Club. For the passage of the blocks on the river at low overpasses provides ability to remove the add-ins of the upper deck, which reduces the overall height of the building up to 9m from the water.

Structurally, each block is a building in a metal frame mounted on a flat-bottomed concrete pontoon size 36h12m. Internal partitions - plasterboard. Berths are drawn from the standard elements - straight, turning and mooring fingers, which allows you to "add up" in terms of building a fairly compact group to be towed to a new location. Cover design - krupnoelementnye collapsible metal girders.

The interior design is applied coating natural tropical wood (Kumar). To finish the second level of the building using wood species Merbau, both as siding and products from an array. Floating docks elements covered terrace board iDeck breed Ipe. Decking all decks used smooth desks iClip Decking Ipe.

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