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Aerostatic architecture as an example the 2014 Olympics, Sochi, Russia Sochi, Imereti lowland, Krasnodar region, Russia

Competition project. Bronze diploma. 2010

Architecture and urban planning concept of competitive project.

Originally architects Coastal Cluster Concept Ice Arena has been announced as "frozen drop." The author sees that this one is the best suited to the unique Sochi Olympics, the concept has not been adequately developed or in the ice arena, or was taken up and developed in urban and semantic concepts Olympic area as a whole. This project proposes the development of the idea of a frozen, or even freezing in the movement, because it is a sport, drops. In the ensemble of Olympic facilities water is present in several states of aggregation - that boiling ice arena, and liquid droplets training rinks and frozen ice skating center and even a Ferris wheel.

All of them are subject to the general intrigue - Sea clash heat and cold of winter.

Much to our surprise, it turned out that the whole complex of the Olympic area does not have an explicit focus, visible from afar, there is no visual anchor. To remedy this situation, it is proposed a pretty silly move - vertical composition of the five balloons with a recognizable coloring in colors of the Olympic rings. Inverted drop inherent Balloons will clearly indicate and at sea, on land and drive up to the place of guests passing SPORT.

The analysis of the existing urban complex solutions "Coastal Cluster" in the Imereti lowland, it became apparent that the proposed ideas aerostatic architecture competition is the best fit for the two Olympic venues - the Bolshoi Ice Palace and Olympic Oval. Objects by definition must be closed and stand out for their size that, when using the traditional approach of the device covers, has serious costs constructive buildings themselves.

The use of self-supporting coating can not only relieve the building, which is obvious, but also add to the architecture so lacking in our Olympic facilities "highlight".

In both cases, the proposed poliobemnye aerostatic cover with rigid stabilization. They combined lift balloons filled with helium, and the spatial rigidity afforded by pneumatic inflatable volumes. Balloons as if sewn into the past that provides their cooperation.

On the aesthetic side, balloons, "bubbles" made translucent, which will enrich the atmosphere of celebration on the square in the evening and at night by the light penetration of the interior of sports facilities outside.

For the Olympic Oval except balloons, "bubbles" are encouraged to use more and four major carriers poluarochnyh balloon to reduce the overall height of the already large structure.

Visual work balloons on these two sites are different - on the big ice arena roof "boils" and strives upward, whereas over Oval powerful balloons are "tied" to the land, their way of calm and more like ice blocks.

For two buildings, training rollers, located near the objects, it is advisable to apply a constructive inflatable cover, supporting the overall concept proposed by the author of the style solutions territory Olympic Square.

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