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Inhabited quarter "Opymp" in Essentuki, Stavropol region, Russia

The competitive project. It is executed in 2005

The main compositional motif development proposed the idea of creating semi-enclosed courtyard chamber space formed UNEVEN buildings, trailing ledges to existing buildings. The main orientation of new volumes maximizes proinsolirovat all apartments and discover magnificent views of the flats on the Caucasus Mountains. Taking into account the need to maintain a small height and size of buildings classified as historical and architectural monuments, their attractiveness and self-sufficient artistic aspect, characteristic of the development of the city Yessentuki, proposed new buildings "go" into the plot, perpendicular to the line of historic buildings, from construction of new buildings with low-rise, a soft transition from three to four floors of old buildings to 9-10 floors at the upper edge of the area. Thus, in the three-dimensional perception of new, cascading building volumes are a continuation of the previous ideas of building. In this regard, it is important to find harmony with the plastics, rhythms, articulations, and proportions of existing buildings with the same elements of the new buildings. The authors considered the correct decision to use the structure of buildings designed plastic and soft forms of loggias, balconies and bay windows that form the image of houses and harmony with the rich plasticity of retained buildings.

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