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Seismic and radionuclide stations of the International Monitoring System in the city of Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia

The project was completed in 2003

Seismic station near the city of Norilsk is part of a unified international system to monitor nuclear tests around the globe, and consists of a complex of buildings and structures.

The first phase envisaged the construction of integrated technological building seismic stations, taking into account the specifics of the autonomous mode of operation in extreme conditions of the Arctic.

Buildings in terms of round. The aerodynamic properties of the dome shape such that the snow on the surface and around the building is not delayed. This was a determining factor in designing structures for construction in areas of heavy snowfall.

The layout of the premises takes into account the technological and engineering requirements of technical specifications for equipment and the station for their operation.

Station building is equipped with satellite communication equipment, a system of autonomous life-support "smart home" devices, monitoring of noble gases and aerosol monitoring, radionuclide laboratories and other technical means.

Building Construction - reinforced concrete and prefabricated industrial bearing products from advanced high-strength materials. The coating station - multi-layer design "sandwich" type of effective insulation and exterior waterproofing layer of composite material.

The network has a very detailed Account of the journey, demonstrates the implementation of one-volume version of the International Monitoring System stations nuclear testing in our architectural design in Norilsk. The author kindly provided us some pictures of the object.  

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