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Modernisation of the "House of Fashion" in Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia

Draft project 2011

Urban planning decision.

The main objective of the modernization of the House of fashion at this stage is the replacement of enclosing elements facade structures (doors, windows, stained glass panels) for efficient facade systems using advanced composite materials, porcelain and natural stone, stained glass and aluminum constructions energy-efficient glazing. The project provides for replacement of the flat roof with a soft, DVR ventilated attic pent roof. All work is done without dismantling and removal of the existing support structure within the existing exterior walls, without increasing the space and layout of the building performance as a whole.

Concept shaped architectural - art solutions, made the preservation and identification of existing constructivist style building, enriching it, tactfully, with new elements of modern aesthetics office building. Development planning structure of the building is not included in the scope of work of this step and the next step will be carried out, under a separate briefs that given to the customer of the project, on the basis of an agreed conceptual design.

Scheme of the master site plan provides for the following planning activities:

1. To improve the capacity of the junction Shogentsukova - Keshokova, the device more lanes adjacent to the existing street (extension), on the site of the entrance to the courtyard of the building on the Shogentsukova st. to set the stop on the right side of the Keshokova st.

2. Solving the problem of parking of the urban area when placing an office building here, it is proposed to organize a parking lot for 31 cars in the yard area, removing unauthorized garages and sheds.

The main characteristics of the object:

1. According to the area of the cadastral plan - 643,1 m2
2. The area of the parking lot with the (project) - 1 509,4 m2
3. Built-up area - 467,7 m2
4. The total area of the building - 2 028,5 m2

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