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Rope-way on mountain Elbrus in Elbrus region, KBR, Russia

ПLifting first stage "Azau - Stary Krugozor"
The project is executed in 2003. Realisation 2006.

Lifting second stage "Stary Krugozor - Mir".
The project is executed in 2007.

For realisation of the target program of development of a mounting skiing resort of "Prielbruse" in Kabardino-Balkariii works on creation of an infrastructure of all complex, including arrangement of slopes of Elbrus with creation of snow fields for all-the-year-round driving of mountain skiers and system of rope-ways for their delivery to starts of lines are conducted.

First stage of creation of this system of roads is the new rope branch «the Azau-Stary Krugozor», passing to in parallel existing pendular rope-way.

The second turn will be continuation of this branch to station "Mir" and building by the third turn - four-seater rope-way will come to the end with road to station "Gara-Bashi". From station "Gara-Bashi" the network local ski-lift lines, covering overlying slopes of Elbrus for creation of conditions of driving on ski lines of various categories of complexity is provided.

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