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Multipurpose complex with waterparks "Atoll" in Essentuki, Stavropol region, Russia

Winner of the Open architecture competition' 2007


Formulating the basic associative image of created multipurpose education of an aquapark, authors of the project made a start by nature ATOLL creations when round a shallow lagoon there are in the form of a ring or the broken off ring CORAL EDUCATIONS.

The decision is made: territory of a summer aquapark to surround with constructions of various typology created consistently, prisoners in the free and unostentatious amorphous hypertrophied architectural forms associating with coral educations. For creation more romanticism and fabulousness of created visual objects, "natural" educations are supplemented with constructions-images, for example a silhouette of the fantastic ships-sailing vessels (a covered aquapark), a rock-rock (cone-shaped hotel).

Developing in the further process of designing this theme, authors consider possible creation of bright, remembered, original, new and original, water entertainments associating with romanticism, and the visually-spatial environment unusual to a given place.

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