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Quarter of a high-density development with noise protection houses in Adler, Krasnodar region, Russia

The outline sketch. It is executed in 2005

Architecture and urban planning concept of competitive project. Urban planning decision. Town-planning analysis of the construction area of the residential quarter reveals the following features of the site: a) the presence of the road along a narrow band, allocated for construction; b) the proximity of river Mzymta implies a high level of ground water and backwater in the flood; c) good exposure area of the compass; d) the presence of alien territory for special purposes, dividing in half, and so narrow and elongated along the road area. Planing decision. Given these factors and the value conscious coastal land, and wish of the customer the maximum-effective use for residential development, the decision to use high-density low-rise building houses individual development. This gives the maximum yield per hectare residential area and high population density without reducing the quality of building. Given this high level of seismic risk and the presence of aggravating his condition a high level of standing water table appropriate to develop the design of buildings, ensuring their seismic resistance. Proceed on the system flat prefabricated monolithic frame BUK-2. This will apply a combination of two types of building - the carpet and block. Because the floor are based on the concrete column, there is no need for a device of continuous strip foundations, exterior walls on the perimeter, and performed only point foundations for support, which will dramatically reduce the amount of excavation and concrete work and waterproofing. Exterior walls floors self-supporting, based on overlapping discs. Project is proposed to build up some ground floors, giving the space under buildings for parking lots, playgrounds and recreation. In hot southern climates these closed spaces from the sun appropriate and will improve the comfort of living in a residential area. All high-density construction offers protection from the noisy highway ribbon development houses gallery type "Soundproof house" with a three-layer glass gallery. Homes are designed with individual low-room apartments, oriented sided courtyard. Handed down to the street only barns apartments. The demographic composition of the residential blocks of flats are varied and arranged in such a way as to create small courtyards and patios, and, depending on the orientation of the rumba, were uneven, allowing insolirovat every living room. There is a basic set of one-and two-room apartments with a highly inflated common areas over the norms that create comfortable living conditions in these tenants have three, four, five and six-room apartment. Basically, being available to the floor plan without bearing walls and beams, you can easily lay flat for a specific order for each of the customers home with large summer residence, with terraces open and closed versions, with an attic floor and penthouses. Two of gallery houses along the highway is proposed first floor to give under all sorts of social, community, local businesses and services, and facilities for maintenance of the quarter. Garages and parking for private vehicles of residents of the quarter, it is advisable to place outside the allotted area, and open land to give to host sites for games and recreation. The balance of the territory: 1. Area - 26 089 m2; 2. Area - 7 665 m2 (29,38 %); 3. Area roads, driveways, sidewalks, grounds - 10 300 m2 (26,06 %); 4. Green area - 11 624 m2 (44,56 %); Main indicators of building blocks: 1. The total area of housing - 31 256 m2. 2. The total number of inhabitants of the quarter - 930. 3. Total number of apartments - 370 units. 4. Density housing - 12,022 m2/ha 5. Population density of the quarter - 358 persons/ha

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