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The monument to victims of the Chernobyl accident, the citizens of the Kabardino-Balkarian repulic, who participated in the aftermath of the worst technological disaster. Nalchik, Russia

Winner of open competition. Completed in 2006

1986. Humanity is the first time confronted with a monstrous man-made catastrophe of our time, which caused incalculable tragic consequences for all life on Earth. Blown nuclear reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, there was a radiation contamination of the environment. Efforts by the inhuman difficulty, complexity, risk heroic efforts to tame published in obedience to the "peaceful atom".

The nuclear decay of nuclear fuel should be localized, and the construction of "sarcophagus" over reactor accident consequences were mobilized a huge number of specialists, who have shown unparalleled courage and heroism.

More than 350 people, residents of Kabardino-Balkaria, taking part in the aftermath of the largest man-made disaster, lost their lives to save mankind from radiation contamination.

Honour and glory to them!

The novelty of the theme of the monument to victims of accidents at nuclear power plants requires a search for new ideological and artistic aesthetic and semantic expressions that are adequate to the new nature of the problem.

Reliable and proven method multifigure sculptural compositions in this situation is inadequate and unconvincing.

The authors suggest a nontrivial solution of the monument, as the mere fact of an accident and its consequences.

Inverted concrete slab, half pushed to the ground, and the other part of the rearing into the sky, symbolizes the top (roof) of the Station, intolerant crash. Pierced, torn roofs from flying inside the atomic nucleus symbolizes the explosion of a nuclear reactor. Fragments of graphite rods and wrecked the orbit of electrons around the nucleus strengthen the impression and force the collapse of indomitable energy explosion of a nuclear power.

The tragedy of the effects of radiation accident is enclosed in a huge number of victims of the liquidators, whose life took an unprecedented catastrophe. In the monument reflected bulk of stars around the station.

Since the effects of radiation exposure and are still leaving the hero's life-liquidators, the symbol of this phenomenon are inscribed on the square in front of the monument trajectories of stars, meteors, drew a bright trace in the sky and quickly extinguished, faced with an invisible barrier (they are like the souls of the dead departing in immortality).

Since the monument erected to the victims of the accident, the citizens of the KBR, who took part in the aftermath of man-made disaster, it seems logical to place a star (the soul of heroes), a semicircle on a green grassy lawn, associative linking with the green flag and the stars in the Muslim republics.

A thin plate, elevated cantilever above the ground, symbolizes the thin line between life or death, then, as easily destroy it ill-advised actions. In combination with other symbols as described above, it contributes to a holistic perception of architectural space solutions of the monument, revealing the tragic consequences of man-made disaster, self-sacrifice of brave and strong men for the sake of future generations.

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